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Cousia Towns

Community Leader.


Ms. Cousia Towns, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has overcome many tragedies and triumphed in many areas of her life. "EXPOSED, Sitting in the Blood of Generational Consequences," was written by Ms. Towns to help others UNMASK and EXPOSE the painful experiences they have unknowingly locked away; not realizing the hurt will resurface within their lives disguised as economic hardships, broken families, strained friendships and other adversities.

This book highlights the personal voyage of Ms. Towns' journey. It demonstrates how God delivered her from sitting in the blood of her mother's murder; abandonment by her family; dumped in and failed by foster care system; sexual abuse and rape by her father, that ultimately marked her for domestic violence.


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Awards & Recognition

Since the publication of "EXPOSED: Sitting in the Blood of Generational Consequences" it has received a Readers Favorite FIVE STAR AWARD, as well as International recognition for the 2020 Honorable Mention in Non-Fiction-Drama Book Award!

"EXPOSED: Sitting in the Blood of Generational Consequences" book is a series. 

Stay connected for details on the next work coming soon!


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2022 Book Signing Events


Saturday, Aug 6th @3-6pm

Saturday, Aug 20th @9-4pm

Saturday, Sep 17th @9-4pm


North Texas Book Festival

Trinity River Book Festival

The Dock Bookshop

The Center N.TX (Denton)

Trinity River (Ft. Worth)


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